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The customs broker is assigned important tasks requiring precision and accuracy.

He takes responsibility for the customs declaration of goods. He liaises between the client company, customs and goods transit service.

He must know the customs legislation on the fingertips: between the amounts of duties and taxes, the goods conform with respect to regulations, nothing is left to chance. He checks the documents provided by the customer before signing the entire file which then goes through customs.

Depending on the nature of the goods, the declarant must deal with insurance contracts, health certificates or special certificates (items that we prefer the customer takes care) containing all the details of the content as weight, destination or value of the goods.

The customs declarant, if the customs ask, can carry out on the ground to be sure of the nature of goods to declare

All this is done with the COMMUNICATION (email and phone) by acting and doing our work according to the standards, while showing our energy and our enthusiasm in everything we do, and establishing with our clients naturally reports and strong relationships.

Knowing the services we offer, we look for solutions to settle the fastest problems as possible while holding the promise.










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