Why SGS is in Haiti? And for Importers/Economic operators?

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The SGS was mandated by the Haitian Government to implement Place an Audit Pre-Shipment Import Verification Program(PVI) for the purpose of providing Technical assistance to the General for the purpose of Safeguard the interests of the State and Economic operators.

• Provide technical assistance to The customs administration,

• Ensure compliance with Regulations,

• Check the values of the goods In order to ensure a perception the duties and taxes to be import,

• Introduce a powerful dissuasive effect In order to discourage Fraudulent practices,

• Promoting transparency and accountability Facilitating formalities related to The import,

• Make available to the authorities A powerful tool for monitoring and Management of foreign trade.

The mission of SGS is to analyze The risks of all transactions Relating to the goods to be Imported into the Republic of Haiti and carry out an audit on this basis Selectivity of the nature and quantity of Goods for the purpose of Customs authorities, customs value, Tariff classification.


1.Submission of the DPI, The importer or his representative with a copy of the import commercial invoice, must submit to an SGS Declaration Prior to Import (DPI) at least five working days before the scheduled boarding.

2. Registration and issuance of the DPI SGS conducts the registration of DPI and outputs (if importer’s demand is functioning correctly) it in a maximum of 1 working day with a unique identification number.

3. Transaction Analysis The analysis of transactions enables SGS to determine the type, scope and modalities of intervention. It concerns all DPI provided by the SGS Liaison Office in Port au Prince.

4. Physical inspection The inspection consists in checking the nature and quantity of goods for the purposes of customs valuation and customs classification.

5. Verification of the value and tariff classification SGS will provide an opinion concerning:

(a) the customs value of goods by applying the standards of the Definition of Value in Brussels or the Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of GATT 1994, pursuant to the law or national regulations Republic of Haiti.

(b) the proper HS tariff classification of goods according to the nomenclature in force in the Republic of Haiti.

• For any transaction whose value FOB is greater than or equal to USD 5,000.00, SGS will issue a verification Result Notice to the importer.

• After each procedure, and subject to receipt of required documents, SGS will issue:

o of Certificate of Verification if the audit results are satisfactory

o An Anomaly Report (up to 30 days after inspection of the goods) if the obligations of the importer and / or exporter were not respected and that this failure prevented the issuance of a Certificate of Verification.

o The Anomaly Report can be turned into Certificate of Verification if the importer and / or exporter fixed the situation.

6. Customs declaration of goods The admissibility of any customs declaration submitted under the PSI, is subject to the submission by the declarant of:

• Documents required by the Customs Code

• A DPI and the original of the Certificate of Verification for transactions of greater than or equal to FOB USD 5,000.00 or full container whatever their value

• A DPI for transactions with an FOB value of between 3,000.00 and 5,000.00 USD (for cases where there is an intervention by the SGS, the original of the Certificate of Verification will be required)

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